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What is X-ray?

X-ray is the most common form of medical imaging. An x-ray image is created when a small amount of radiation passes through the body to reach a digital imaging plate.

When x-rays encounter different materials they are slowed or absorbed in varying amounts, creating an image. Dense material such as bone shows up as white while softer tissues show as varying shades of gray.

Types of X-Ray Exams


These 2D images are taken with an x-ray machine to evaluate internal structures. The x-ray technologist will move you into various positions while taking multiple exposures to take all necessary images required for the exam.


In this procedure, x-rays are taken in real time to view the function of internal anatomy. A contrast agent is often used to highlight structures that aren’t always visible on x-rays.

Fluoroscopy is used in the following:

CT Scan

During this exam, a series of x-ray images taken from different angles are combined to create images of internal structures with greater clarity than conventional x-ray.
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Walk in X-Ray Service

With the safety of our patients being top priority, we’ve changed the way we service X-rays. We still offer walk-ins at our clinics, based on availability. However, please note that we cannot guarantee walk-in availability.

We also offer the option to book your X-ray in advance, for a date/time convenient for you.  ​

*Please note, that STAT X-ray exams will always be prioritized to be done the same day.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Exam Duration

5 Minutes – 30 Minutes

X-Ray Pricing

Covered by Alberta Health Care (Except CT)