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You’re having a baby!

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your third, each journey is unique and requires a level of expert care to assure that both mother and baby complete their journey in a manner that is happy, healthy and rewarding.

An obstetrical ultrasound determines the presence of an embryo, assesses the mother’s anatomy and examines the fetus to assess growth and well-being. An obstetrical ultrasound will assess your baby in detail to assure appropriate growth and development, even counting fingers and toes.

Our sonographers check to make sure your baby is thriving and there are no signs of distress.

CDC has also expanded our Obstetrical Services to include Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) for high-risk risk pregnancy exams/cases. MFM obstetrical ultrasounds are performed by Sonographers with an increased level of specialty training.

Your Pregnancy Ultrasound Guide

Canada Diagnostic Centres recommends 3 obstetrical ultrasound exams throughout the course of your pregnancy:

First Trimester

This ultrasound is frequently ordered to confirm a pregnancy, to check the age and progress of pregnancy in early stages, or to rule out miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy if a patient is experiencing pain or bleeding.

Second Trimester

This ultrasound provides your physician with a detailed physical assessment of your baby and is usually completed between 18-20 weeks gestation. Baby’s position, growth and development are checked as well as the volume of amniotic fluid and the position and condition of the placenta and cervix.

A nuchal translucency is performed as genetic screening test and it is used to calculate the odds of your baby having a chromosomal abnormality, most commonly Down’s syndrome (Trisomy 21). This test is only valid if performed between 11 weeks to 13 weeks and 6 days of gestational age. A small fold of skin at the back of baby’s neck is imaged and measured in this exam.

Third Trimester

This test is typically completed toward the end of a pregnancy and is used to check growth and development and that movement is appropriate for gestational age. It can also be used to confirm your baby’s position in the uterus (i.e. head down, breech presentation etc.).

Exam Duration

30 Minutes – 60 Minutes

Obstetrical Ultrasound Pricing

Covered by Alberta Health Care.