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Screening for Heart Disease


Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death in Canada. The latest medical evidence shows this test has been proven to indicate risk of heart attack by determining the amount of calcification (plaque) build-up in the arteries.

Potential Candidates

If you have not already been diagnosed with the disease and meet our age criteria, you are a potential candidate for this test. It may be beneficial to repeat this test every three to ten years depending on other risk factors. This may include family history, high cholesterol, and smoking.


The results of the test do not negate other risk factors unique to your personal medical situation. We strongly recommend the test is used by your family physician in evaluating your overall risk.

Potential Risks from Screening Services

Unless screening CT exams are tailored to your age and medical history; there is no evidence these tests are effective in reducing mortality. Over fifty percent of screening tests require further investigation for uncertain findings. Should a follow up surgical biopsy be required, there is the risk of bleeding, infection, collapsed lung or even death in very rare circumstances. Radiation exposure from screening CT tests is considered safe; however, it is possible to develop cancer from radiation if you have many tests over your lifetime.

With any recommended tests, a comprehensive preventive health maintenance program should always include regular physician visits and self-awareness. Indicate to your physician any new symptoms. For existing symptoms or problems, diagnostic examinations may be required and should be determined by your physician (X-ray, Ultrasound, CT diagnostic or MRI).

For your convenience it is possible to conduct both diagnostic and screening exams at the same time; should you require a screening exam for one reason and a diagnostic exam for another (e.g. Screening Coronary Artery Scoring and a Diagnostic MRI of the knee for detection of a tear).

Diagnostic exams assess problems or symptoms that are already present. Screening exams assess your potential for developing certain diseases depending on your risk factors.

Exam Duration

5 Minutes – 20 Minutes

Private CT Pricing

Private CT scans at Canada Diagnostic Centres are provided on a per fee basis and are not covered by Alberta Health Care.

Head $375
Chest $500
Bones/Joints/Spine $375
Neck/Sinus/Facial Bones $500
Abdomen/Pelvis $650
*If required
Preventative CT Scan:
CT Heart $495
CT Lung Screen Program $500 (1st year)
$250 (2nd year)
CT Virtual Colonoscopy $795