EMR Access Instructions
  • Med Access/Telus Health

    Instructions to Access Pain Management Requisition Forms (PDF)

    Instructions to Access General Requisition Forms  (PDF)

    How are Forms Added?

    Forms are added by the Med Access team and are automatically distributed. No refresh or download is required at clinic level.

  • Wolf/Telus Health

    Where are Forms Located?
    Under Maintenance Tab / SMART Forms / Document select “Requisitions” and “AB”

    Form Names

    DI Req (women)-CDC-AB Cg
    DI Req-CDC-AB Cg
    Pain Mgmt Req-CDC-AB
    CDC Kid’s Imaging DI Requisition

    Capital (Edmonton & Area)
    DI Req-CDC-AB Cap
    Pain Mgmt Req-CDC-AB Cap

    How are Forms Added?
    Forms are updated during version releases. No refresh is required.

    How to Access Forms
    The clinic administrator can go into SMART forms and forms to the clinic  favourite list to make them available to all staff.

  • PS Suite/Telus Health

    Form Names
    Canada Diagnostic Centres – Calgary Women’s Imaging Centre Requisition
    Canada Diagnostic Centres – KIDS Requisition
    Canada Diagnostic Centres – General Requisition – Calgary
    Canada Diagnostic Centres – General Requisition – Edmonton
    Canada Diagnostic Centres – Pain Management – Calgary
    Canada Diagnostic Centres – Pain Management – Edmonton

    How are Forms Added
    For clients to access your custom forms, they just need to either call into our Customer Experience Center and request the custom form from one of our representatives, or they can access our community portal where all our custom forms are listed which also allows clients to preview the custom form and download them.

  • HealthQuest

    Form Names
    Will start with CDC

    How to Download Forms

    • While logged into Healthquest go into the setup menu at the top
    • In the menu that appears move down to Charting setup, then over to the right to click on Form Management.
    • In the window that appears, click on the load form updates button.
    • All new forms should have been downloaded. Remember to mark any forms you use, or will use regularly as “Often” beside the form name.
  • Accuro QHR

    Form Names
    Will start with Canada Diagnostic

    How to Add Forms
    The forms can be accessed through our form editor and downloaded from our general repository; when forms are ‘built’ (paper to electronic), they are often published by either QHR or by other Accuro users, so they are accessible by all Accuro clinics. This section can be found by going to Tools and Publish/Download in the Form Editor. (The workflow is: Tools > Form Editor > Tools > Publish/Download; this takes them to a search screen.)

  • MediPlan Telin

    Form Names
    Canada Diagnostic Cal
    Canada Diagnostic Edm
    Canada Pain Management Cal
    Canada Pain Management Edm

    How to Add Forms
    Forms must be enabled by the user for them to appear on the forms list. This can be done by selecting them on the customise integrated forms list on page 1 of the sign in page.

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