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Are You Ready For Your Exam?

There is little worse than showing up for a procedure and being told you have to come back at another time.

We know you want to have your procedure completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, so please be sure you are aware of all your preparation requirements well in advance.

Some tests require not eating or drinking for several hours or overnight, while others require that you drink fluids at a predetermined time prior to testing.

We really don’t want to send you home only to come back at a later date. Be aware of how to do your part. You are encouraged to call us or send an e-mail if you have any questions.

Exam Preparation Instructions

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We are committed to a process of continuous improvement. And you are our partners in that process.

We want to make every patient experience as smooth as possible, so if there is someway you feel we could have made your experience a bit better, please tell us.

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