Ok, so having the motivation to go to the gym isn’t always the easiest….But we do know that exercise is important to our overall health and even more specifically heart health. Exercising for as little as 30 minutes a day can help lower your overall blood pressure and cholesterol while improving your muscle strength. We think that’s a win-win scenario! In honor of February being #heartmonth, we are giving you three key at-home-exercises that you can start and end your day with that will assist with improving your circulation and strengthening your heart.  

  1. Jumping Jacks:

    As you elevate from the ground, the legs spread, and the hands come overhead to touch and then jump back into your normal stance. Repeat the movement numerous times to start to feel the aerobic effects. Slow down the exercise if you need to in order to focus on form and then start to speed up the movement as you become more confident.    

  2. Burpees: 

    This exercise is often people’s nemesis but what we can’t deny is that it is a great full body workout. As you jump off the ground from a standing position, reach high into the air. As you come down, your hands will place on the ground, knees tucked into the chest and you’ll jump them back into a plank position. Jump the feet back in and reach back up to that full-length jump you began the exercise with. Repeat this movement continuously.  

  3. Running on the spot: 

    It’s just like it sounds. Instead of moving forward in a jog, elevate your legs directly up and down like a march. Once you’ve mastered the form, begin the pick up the pace and even trying picking up your knees as you start to jog on the spot. 

BONUS EXERCISE: Take the stairs. If you are physically capable, taking the stairs is an easy way to get in those extra minutes of exercise and will be sure to increase your heart rate.   

 These are three simple exercises that are easy to do in the comfort of your home without any weights. Yup, that’s right. No having to bear the -30 weather to get the heart pumping.