The doctor has spoken, it’s recommended that you get an MRI to provide more information on any possible injuries, illnesses and conditions. Now what? How long do you wait? Can you get your results sooner? Private MRIs can come with a price tag, but the benefits of skipping an extensive wait line and fast-tracking your results can be well worth it. Here are a few frequently asked questions to determine if the private route is right for you.

How much does an MRI cost?

MRI prices differ from province to province depending on clinics, areas scanned and provincial rules and regulations. As well, insurance providers, companies and other plans may assist with partial or full coverage. On average, a private MRI can cost anywhere from $600.00 -$1000.00 CAD.

Should you wish to go public, the cost is covered by Alberta Health Services with proper requisition but wait time can be over a year depending on urgency.

Is MRI covered by insurance?

Although private MRI scans are provided on a per fee basis and are not covered by Alberta Health Care, most Health Spending Accounts will cover the cost of a private MRI that is prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner.

Ok, I’m sold. But Where Should I Go…

There are a number of options around Alberta that provide private MRI. With that said, each location can differ from wait time to technology to location/convenience.

Based on research done by Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) they estimated that “1.86 million MRI examinations were performed in the most recent fiscal year in Canada, up from around 1 million in 2007.” That’s a high demand for MRI! The good news is most private imaging providers can get you in within one to two days.

At CDC, we provide the innovative technology of a 3T MRI machine, while still priced relative to the industry average. CADTH has stated that 83% of MRI machines in Canada are still 1.5T machines, meaning 3T machines can be hard to come by.

What’s the difference between 3T and 1.5T?

CDC has the only private 3T MRI in Calgary. Overall, 3T machines create higher-resolution images in the same amount of time as a 1.5T scanner.